Brackets for heavy duty wheels

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The biggest industries, as well as certain medium and small sized business contexts need to choose industrial wheels for heavy duty loads.

In these cases it is essential to choose the most suitable wheels, in terms of materials, size and technical features. Among the latter, brackets are extremely important. Failing to consider the environment of usage and the load that the wheel will have to bear, depending on manual or mechanical handling, may involve endangering the safety of workers as well as damaging the company properties.

Choosing the right bracket for heavy duty wheels

This is the reason why it is so important to choose the right bracket to be combined with the trolley wheels. Another key element: while there are many choices for manual handling, not all the brackets are able to withstand shocks and stresses related to mechanical handling.

A particular suitable type of bracket for mechanical handling at variable speed is heavy duty load PT brackets with hardened ball race grooves (up to 6 km/h). In addition to the one mentioned above, there are also other solutions suitable for these specifications: extra heavy duty EP bracket (up to 6 km/h), electrowelded brackets and electrowelded sprung-loaded brackets (up to 16 km/h).

For usage speeds greater than 16 km/h, it is necessary to contact a leading company in the field, such as Tellure RĂ´ta, for a dedicated consultation to identify the most suitable type for the specific environment.

Wheels and brackets for motorised trolleys

There are also other elements to be considered. One of these involves motorised trolleys (trolleys with drive wheels – self-propelled trolleys). In these cases industrial wheels are subjected to special stress.

The drive wheels, in fact, in addition to bearing the load, must allow the transmission of the tangential force, which allows the movement of the wheel and thus of the trolley.

The coating of drive wheels, due to their specific function, is subjected to greater stress.

Industrial wheels for self-propelled trolleys

When choosing wheels and brackets for self-propelled trolleys, the following elements must be carefully considered:

  • type of bushing or bearing applied in the hub;
  • hub/shaft coupling tolerances;
  • hub material with respect to shaft material;
  • frequency of starts and stops of the motion transmission component;
  • reversal of the direction of motion;
  • presence of – even temporary – overloads.

Some suggestions to make the right choice

For further information on choosing industrial wheels for heavy duty loads, please see the specific article explaining the most suitable features combined with environments of usage.

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