Coventry or Birmingham: Pros and Cons for Commercial Property

Commercial real estate properties mostly are referring to retail, apartment buildings and industrial properties. Investing in commercial real estate can see you enjoying quite a few advantages. Having a steady amount of rental cash coming in is just one.

There may well have been a bit of a slump in rental commercial property, but economic growth in the West Midlands is expected to continue over the next few years. In fact, economic growth in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Warwick is expected to exceed the national average. 

Commercial property for sale Coventry will be in a prime location and the building you choose can certainly have a positive impact on your business. 

Coventry and Birmingham well Connected

If you were to invest in commercial property in Birmingham and Coventry, the distance by car is roughly about 38km and you can do the journey in about 20 minutes. Birmingham has always been a popular destination to visit in the UK and there are trains running from Coventry to Birmingham, with an average journey time being about 30 minutes.

Population Growth High in Areas outside London

Having a business in the West Midlands is likely to be good because population growth in these areas is good, particularly as regards to ‘working-age’ people. Employment in this area is also good, and in spite of political uncertainty is expected to continue with growth. 

A Boost in Infrastructure

One of the pros of investing in commercial property in the West Midlands area is that there has been underinvestment in infrastructure in the past, but now this has changed.

Recently there has been an expansion of the Midland Metro, re-development of Birmingham’s New Street station and the Birmingham Airport runway.

The biggest advantages of investing in property in Birmingham is that there’s the High Speed Two (HS2) rail network. It means you can be in London in ¾ of an hour. Prices of property in London are out of control, and people are looking at busy areas that aren’t so expensive.

The appeal of investing in Birmingham is that there is a booming business sector, with Birmingham having one of the biggest financial services centres outside of London. With the HS2, more people are moving to Birmingham and simply commuting to London.

Places like Coventry and Birmingham also have a busy arts and culture scene, and certain areas have seen some regeneration, making these areas business hubs. Get notifications for the best commercial property for sale Coventry according to size, layout and location and which conforms to zoning regulations.

The disadvantage of Coventry is that it is a bit further away from London, about 138 kilometres. Whether you buy commercial property in Coventry or Birmingham, both areas have great transportation options. 

You may be bewildered as to where to find the best commercial property in Birmingham or Coventry but that’s why it’s so easy to hand over your property search attempts to the best commercial property search site, Proplist. They make listing and finding a commercial property as easy as ABC, whether you lease or buy. 

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