How can you earn points in 13 card rummy

Rummy is a card game that has not lost its charm even after decades and centuries. This particular card game is enjoyed by people of all ages. Though it is quite a difficult game to understand and master, it is a thorough source of entertainment for its dedicated and passionate players. The 13 card rummy is such a game that requires perfect moves and fine skills. To be able to acquire those, the player needs to put in loads of time and effort into the practice sessions. Only then can he or she become an expert at the 13 card rummy games.

Points to remember while earning points in rummy games

To be able to earn points and rewards at the 13 card rummy games, the player needs to be very well aware of all the rules and strategies of the game. But only knowing them would not help. Along with knowing all of them, what is required is constant practice with immense dedication and passion. If detailed attention is not paid, you’ll be increasing your chances of losing the game because of simple mistakes.

  • Read about the basic rules and regulations of the 13 card rummy game:

For anyone to become an expert at anything, knowing the rules and regulations of the game is mandatory and a must. The game can be played by 2-6 players with 2 decks of cards. Each participant gets 13 cards each and the leftover cards are kept as the remaining deck. The person with the lowest points wins and gets to earn rewards like bonus points and money.

  • Arrange your cards and know their points:

Each card from 2-10 has a point value equal to their face values except the Ace, Jack, Queen and King cards, which have 10 points each. Since, the ultimate goal of rummy is to get the lowest points possible, discard the high point cards as soon as possible. Even the joker cards or wild card jokers, which are selected at random from the remaining deck, have zero points. So making impure sets with them will increase the chance of having low rummy points while playing the game.

  • Practice sessions are mandatory:

It’s next to impossible to win a 13 card rummy game without any practice sessions. They help you to improve on your skills and refine them as well.  Thus, keep practicing until you become an expert and start winning rewards for your effort. These rewards will also motivate you towards working harder.


Therefore, to be able to earn points at the 13 card rummy game, you need to know everything regarding the game. From the basic rules to the strategies of earning money from the online rummy play, the player needs to be an expert at it all. Hence, with more and more practice, not only will you be able to master the game but also be able to earn rewards like money and bonus points as well.

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